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These two are Elli & Frank, husband-and-wife duo who met as teenagers. They started Dish & Spoon Cafe back in 2016, but their journey into and through hospitality actually extends as far back as they can remember.🍴

For Elli, her family’s restaurant opened on her first birthday…! From the moment she could walk, she has grown up surrounded by the bustle of restaurants – including those run by extended family – and also has a passion for events & functions. Her father taught her & Frank everything they know about what true hospitality means, going as far to fillet whole fish at the table or decanting BYO bottles for guests. It may be considered a little “old school” now, but neither of them would change that style of service for a second.🎈

As for Frank, he started in a pizza place peeling potatoes and folding pizza boxes. 🍕 From there, he became employed at Crown as a waiter in one of their restaurants. Frank met Elli at school dancing classes, and after getting together (when they were 16), Frank began working at Dunyazad with Elli until he was 31 (so, 15 years!). During that time, they both took over management at the restaurant so that Elli’s parents could semi-retire, then sold it a few years ago before opening up Dish & Spoon. Frank also trained as a barista and developed a passion for all things coffee, including working at a small roaster and as the head barista & manager at number of cafes in Melbourne. ☕️

Having worked in the kitchens as well as FOH, Frank & Elli couldn’t be prouder of their well-rounded experience in hospitality. They are always happy to take the time to get to know who we are serving, as it’s one of the most vital reasons of why they continue and enjoy this journey. Please feel free to come and say hi to both of them any time you’re at Dish & Spoon, they’d love to meet you! 🙌🏼

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